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Sinuses and nostrils play an important role in our health and are often overlooked, for instance the common cold is the first stage of a breakdown in our immune system.

The nasal cavity sits below the brain and when we breathe, 'Prana' (life force) is absorbed short term via the breath, and here takes place it's immediate absorption to the brain and senses. This is before the air is taken into the lungs, hence the importance of the sinuses.

Super Sinus Oil from Herbsville

Difficulties with the sinuses can have a detrimental effect upon our health and senses. If the nose is clogged and the mucus membrane is too wet or too dry we lose our sense of smell, this can also lead to losing our sense of hearing, earache and uncomfortable pressure in our head. If this impairment gets close to the auditory canal of the ear even our sense of balance will be affected resulting in nausea and dizziness etc.

The eyes are also situated above the nasal cavity and the sinuses behind the eyes which are all connected in the process of seeing. If the sinuses behind the eyes are affected there may be visual problems, sensitivity to light, headaches, or red itchy inflamed eyes.

The sense of taste is rooted in the tongue and is also communicated via the palate. Both are below the nasal cavity, so when the nasal passages are blocked there will be a lack of taste and appetite.

When the head is congested and the nasal passages are blocked, thinking is unclear, the brain becomes dull, and memory can be affected Indeed, the brain itself can become stagnant.

Sinus Maintenance .....
is a natural formula with no antihistamines or steroids.
Use it in the morning and evening, and feel the difference. Super Sinus Oil  is a multi-purpose healer and is effective in treating Rhinitis, Migraine, Headaches, Sinusitis, Dry Inflamed Eyes, Watering Eyes and all types of Allergies. This oil may be used for quick relief or chronic long term conditions. Regular use may help most sinus problems.

Other methods of treating sinus disorders is through a process called 'Nasya' (Ayurvedic Nasal Therapy) when you need a special little pot called a 'neti pot'. This is used in yoga to clear the sinuses and is used as a tool and a preventative. It can do wonders for general health maintenance.

How to use the Neti Pot ... Take half a cup of water with 1/4 Teaspoon of salt poured via a neti pot in one nostril and out of the other. Tilt your head back until a flow is established, then do same with other nostril. It is better to use natural spring water ther than tap water. Do not used iodized salt.

If you have any questions about sinus related problems, or if you'd like to purchase some Sinus Oil (cost  £5.00 small or £7.50 large), please do call in and see us - or click below to see our pages.

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