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Rita's Fashion Wear
We bring attractive & exciting African & European fashions & Fabrics to Leeds.

We stock ladies & men's clothes and shoes. We also have African Head Ties, African Jewellery, African DVD's, perfumes & fragrances and more...

Our brands include Laise & Kente Design shoes & bags.

Our wide and inspirational range of African fabrics include:

  • Aso-Oke Fabric
  • Super Wax Fabric
  • Wax Blog Fabric
  • Java Fabric

We also stock:

  • African Artefacts
  • Agbada
  • Body Creams & Hair Creams
  • Brazilian Hair & Wigs
  • Hitarget Wax
  • Me Ba Wo Abrokyere
  • Mens Suits

For more information about Aso-Oke Fabric click here, and for more information about Kente cloth, click here.

Sihala Cosmetics Ltd.

100% Real Human Hair & Synthetic Hair:

  • Extensions
  • Wigs
  • Braids
  • Weave On & Clip On Hair Pieces
  • Afro Caribbean Cosmetics
  • Skin Lightening Products
  • Hair Dye
  • Hair Accessories

50 blonde shades available in real hair extensions

Our offers include:

Expression Braid £2.49
Synthetic Short Wigs from £10.00
Synthetic Long Wigs from £15.00
100% Human Hair Wigs from £20.00
100% Human Hair Extensions from £20.00
Dark & Lovely Relaxers £3.49
Olive Oil Relaxers £3.49
Beautiful Beginning £3.49
Razaq Hand & Body Lotion £1.99
Palmers Large Cocoa Butter Jar £4.49
Organic Oil Sheen Spray £1.99

Guaranteed low prices in all of West Yorkshire

Smalls To Fit You
Traditional Mens Underwear
Mesh Vests White & Coloured up to XL
Singlets White & Coloured up to 4XL
Y Fronts White & Coloured up to 3XL
Trunks Interlock & Mesh up to 3XL
Boxer Shorts up to 5XL
Woven Boxer Shorts up to 3XL
Socks Long Length - Cotton or Lambswool 6-11
Boot Socks Wool Blend 6-11
Lycra Socks 6-11
Novelty Bart Simpson / Mr Men 6-11
Thermal Long Socks 6-11
Non Elastic / Soft Top Socks 6-11
Sports Socks 6-11
Trainer Socks 6-11
Big Foot 11-14 Non Elastic / Gentle Grip
Big Foot 11-14 Thermal
Thermal Bed Socks 6-11
Men’s Thermal Long Sleeve Vest up to XL
Men’s Thermal Short Sleeve Vest up to XL
Men’s Thermal long Johns up to XL
Interlock Short Sleeve Vest up to XL
Men’s Traditional Braces 1" Wide

Womens Pants
Airtex Cuff Leg up to 5 XL
Interlock Cuff Leg up to 3 XL
Airtex Pantee up to 3 XL
Interlock Pantee Leg up to 3 XL
Interlock Panteloon / Deep Pants up to 3 XL
Value 3 Packs up to 3 XL
Needle Briefs up to 2 XL
Cotton Coloured Edge up to 2 XL
Lycra Waffle up to 3 XL
Cotton with Flower Pattern up to 6 XL
Jaquard Tunnel Elastic up to 6 XL
Polyester / Cotton up to 6 XL
All Black Tunnel Elastic up to 3 XL
All Black Rib up to 3 XL
Printed Full Brief up to 2 XL
Printed Rib Full Brief up to 2 XL
Light Control Girdle White or Black up to hips 50-52
Firm Control Girdle White or Black up to 50-52

Brettles Thermals
Long Sleeve Spencer up to XL
Short Sleeve Spencer up to XL
French Neck Vest up to XL
French Neck Cami up to XL
Built Up Shoulder Cami up to XL
Cuff Leg Brief up to XL
Pantee up to XL
Ankle Pants up to XL

Brettles Cotton
French Neck Spencer up to XL
French Neck Vest up to XL
Built Up Shoulder up to XL
Short Sleeve spencer up to XL
Briefs             up to XL
Pantee           up to XL
Interlock Built Up Shoulder Vest up to 2XL
French Neck spencer up to XL
French Neck Vest up to XL

Waist Slips
27" Cotton Broderie Anglaise up to XXOS
27" Polyester up to XXOS
26" 85% nylon up to XXOS
30" 85% nylon up to XXOS
32" 85% nylon up to XXOS
18" 100% Polyester up to 24-26

Built Up Shoulder Full Slips White /Black 100% Polyester size 12 up to size 32
Fashion Neon Ankle Socks 4-7
Stay Fresh Black Ankle Socks 4-7
Calvin Classic Cotton Rich White Ankle Socks 4-7
Sport Socks 4-6
Cotton Rich Casual Comfort Socks 4-6
She Gentle Grip Ankle Socks 4-7
Flight Socks 4-7
Ladies Trainer White / Black Socks 4-6
Patterned Trainer Socks Neon 4-7
Fresh Feel Footsie 4-6 1/2
Leg Warmers(Straight Leg) Red White Or Black
Leg Warmers Rouched Neon Pink, Line, Orange, Green
Leg Warmers Rouched Maroon, Black, Purple, Cerise
Ladies Bed Socks 4-7
Ladies Thermal Slipper Socks 4-7

Over Knee Socks
Black                    Yellow
White                    Maroon
Red                      Lilac
Brown                    Purple
Cream                    Cerise
Grey                     Baby Pink
Apple Green              
Bottle Green              Red/ White Broad Stripe
Mint Green                Green / White Broad Stripe
Turquoise                 Blue/ White Broad Stripe
Royal Blue                Purple / Black Broad Stripe
Navy                     Red/ Black Broad Stripe

Over Knee Socks
Blue/ Black Broad Stripe
Orange/ Black Broad Stripe
White/ Black Broad Stripe
Yellow/ Black Broad Stripe
Red/ Black Broad Stripe
Green/ Black Broad Stripe
Maroon/ Black narrow Stripe
Yellow/ Black narrow Stripe
Khaki/ Black narrow Stripe
Red/ pink narrow Stripe
Pink/ White narrow Stripe
Cerise/ Black narrow Stripe
Orange/ Black narrow Stripe
Green/ Black narrow Stripe
Skill design over knee

Knee Socks
Black Knee Socks
Brown Knee Socks
White Knee Socks
Red Knee Socks
Bottle Green Knee Socks
Diamond Pattern Golf Socks

Neon Pink, Lime, Orange or Green Braces,
Black, White, Red, Navy or Purple Braces,
Red, Glitter, Silver, Gold Glitter Braces,
Purple Check, Green Check, Red Check Blue Check Braces.
Technology Now

Computer Hardware

CPU'S, Memory & Motherboards
AMD Athlon II Dual Core AM3 Socket
Asus M4A785T-M AM3 Mainboard
Patriot 1GB DDR2 800mhz Desktop Memory
Patriot 1GB DDR2 800mhz Laptop Memory
Adata 1GB DDR3 1333mhz Desktop Memory
Adata 2GB DDR2 800mhz Desktop Memory

Hard Drives & Storage
Hitachi SATA 1TB UDMA 300 7200RPM 32MB
WD SATA 500GB UDMA300 7200 16MB
Samsung 400GB 2.5 SATA 8mb Hard Drive

Optical Drives
Slim Exeternal DVD Writer
Pioneer IDE 22x DVD Writer
Pioneer SATA 22x DVD Writer
Graphics Cards
Asus 512MB GEF 210 Graphics Card
Asus 1GB GEF 9500GT Graphics Card

Flash Drives & Memory Cards
Verbatim 2gb USB Flash Drive
Verbatim 4gb USB Flash Drive
Verbatim 8gb USB Flash Drive
Verbatim 2GB Micro SD Card
Verbatim 4GB Micro SD Card
Verbatim 8GB Micro SD Card

LG W2243S 22" Widescreen LCD Monitor


Wired Networking
3 Metre Network Cable (Straight)
5 Metre Network Cable (Straight)
10 Metre Network Cable (Straight)
15 Metre Network Cable (Straight)
30 Metre Network Cable (Straight)
RJ11 ADSL Broadband cable 5m
RJ11 ADSL Broadband cable 15m
RJ45 Coupler
ADSL Filter
TP-Link 10/100 PCI Network Card
Wireless Networking
TP-Link Wireless G Cable Router
TP-Link Wireless N Cable Router
TP-Link 150Mbps Wireless N USB Adapter
TP-Link Wireless-G USB Adapter
Belkin 100m VOIP Wireless USB Bluetooth Adaptor



Xtune XTS-4000 mini2.0 multimedia speakers
Philips SPA2200 2.0 Speakers (Silver)
Trust 5.1 Speaker Set
Logitech S220 2.1 Speaker (Black)
Headset, Microphones & Web Cams
Microsoft USB 1.3mega pixel VX700 Web Cam With Microphone
CE 5.2mega pixel USB Web Cam With Microphone
CE 8mega pixel USB Web Cam With Microphone
Konig Clip-on Microphone 3.5mm Jack Interface
Konig Foldable Headset & Microphone 3.5mm Jack Interface
Konig Medium Headset & Microphone 3.5mm Jack Interface
KHP 500 Headphones
KHP 1000 Headphones

Keyboards & Mice


Cables & Leads

3 Metre 3.5m Audio Jack To Jack
HDMI To HDMI Gold Plated 1.5 Metre
HDMI To HDMI Gold Plated 3 Metre
HDMI To HDMI Gold Plated 5 Metre
3M USB 2.0 Data Cable A Male to A Male - Black
3m USB 2.0 A to B Cable
5m USB 2.0 A to B Cable
1 Metre Long Gold Plated Toslink Cable
5 Metre Long Gold Plated Toslink Cable
1.5 Metre 3.5m Audio Jack To 2 RCA
3 Metre 3.5m Audio Jack To 2 RCA
5 Metre 3.5m Audio Jack To 2 RCA
10 Metre 3.5m Audio Jack To 2 RCA
3 Metre 3.5m Audio Jack Extension Lead
5 Metre 3.5m Audio Jack Extension Lead
1.2 Metre 3.5m Audio Jack To Jack
5 Metre 3.5m Audio Jack To Jack
10 Metre 3.5m Audio Jack To Jack
3 Metre 15pin VGA Cable
5 Metre 15pin VGA Cable
10 Metre Network Cable (Straight)
3 Metre Network Cable (Straight)
15 Metre Network Cable (Straight)
30 Metre Network Cable (Straight)
5 Metre Network Cable (Straight)
RJ11 ADSL Broadband cable 5m
RJ11 ADSL Broadband cable 15m


Computer Consumables

Computer Paper
Platinum Instant Dry Photo Matt 100gm 100pk

Blank CD's
Verbatim 25pk CD-R
Verbatim 50pk CD-R
Arita CD-R 50pk
Arita Printable CD-R 25pk
Infiniti 52x 80min CD-R 25pk
Xlayer Printable CD-R 80min 50pk
Ritek Printable CD-R 80min 50pk

Blank DVD's
Verbatim 25pk DVD+R
Verbatim 50pk DVD+R
Xlayer DVD+R 8x 4.7GB 25pk
Traxdate Valuepack DVD+R 16x Green top 25pk
Arita DVD+R 16x 50pk
Traxdata Silver Printable DVD+R 16x 50pk
Traxdata White Top Printable DVD+R 16x 50pk
Traxdata DVD+R 16x 25pk

DVD+R Dual Layer
Verbatim DVD+R DL Printable 25pk

DVD-R Blank Disks
Traxdata Black Edition DVD-R 25pk
Verbatim 25pk DVD-R
Verbatim 50pk DVD-R
Arita Printable DVD-R 25pk
Arita Printable DVD-R 50pk
Arita DVD-R 16x 50pk
Traxdata White Top Printable DVD-R 16x 50pk
Xlayer Printable DVD-R 16x 4.7GB 25pk

Blu-Ray Blank Disks
Traxdata Blu-Ray Printable Media 10pk
Xlayer Blu-Ray Printable Media 10pk
Verbatim DVD+R DL 8.5GB 10pk
CD Jewel Cases
Neo 100 Micron Plastic Wallets 100pk
Single Jewel Case 25pk
CD Double Jewel Case
3 in 1 Jewel Case 10 Pack
4 in 1 Jewel Case 10 Pack
6 in 1 Jewel Case 10 Pack

DVD Cases
Neo 100 Micron Plastic Wallets 100pk
Single DVD Case 25pk
Double DVD Case 25pk
3 in 1 Black DVD Case 10 Pack
4 in 1 Black DVD Case 10 Pack
6 in 1 Black DVD Case 10 Pack
8 in 1 Black DVD Case 10 Pack
10 in 1 Black DVD Case 10 Pack
12 in 1 Black DVD Case 10 Pack
CD & DVD Storage Cases
Leather Style 48 Capacity Carry Case
Leather Style 96 Capacity Carry Case
Leather Style 240 Capacity Carry Case
500 Capacity Leather Carry Case
200 Capacity Aluminium Carry Cases
300 Capacity Aluminium Carry Cases
420 Capacity Aluminium Carry Cases
630 Capacity Aluminium Carry Cases
1000 Capacity Aluminium Carry Cases
Neo 100 Micron Plastic Wallets 100pk


Computer Ink Cartridges

Universal Refill Kits
90ml Universal Black Refill Kit
Universal Colour Refill Kit

Brother Compatible Ink Cartridges
Brother LC900 Black Compatible Cartridge
Brother LC900 Cyan Compatible Cartridge
Brother LC900 Magenta Compatible Cartridge
Brother LC900 Yellow Compatible Cartridge
Brother LC970 Black Compatible Cartridge

Cannon Compatible Ink Cartridges
Canon Compatible PDI520 Black Cartridge
Canon CLI 521 Cyan Compatible Ink Cartridge
Canon CLI 521 Magenta Compatible Ink Cartridge
Canon CLI 521 Yellow Compatible Ink Cartridge
Canon CLI 521 Black Compatible Ink Cartridge

Epson Compatible Ink Cartridges
T0801 to T0806 Epson Stylus R265
T0611 To T0614
T0711 To T0714
T0551 To T0554

Lexmark Compatible Ink Cartridges
Lexmark no: 1 Remanufactured Cartridge
Lexmark no: 2 Remanufactured Cartridge
Lexmark no: 16 Remanufactured Cartridge
Lexmark no: 17 Remanufactured Cartridge
Lexmark no: 43XL Cartridge
Lexmark no: 26 Remanufactured Cartridge
Lexmark no: 27 Remanufactured Cartridge
Lexmark no: 31 Remanufactured Cartridge
Lexmark no: 32 Remanufactured Cartridge
Lexmark no: 44 Remanufactured Cartridge
Lexmark no: 70 Remanufactured Cartridge
Lexmark no: 20 Remanufactured Cartridge
Hewlett Packard Compatible Ink Cartridges
HP no: 15 Remanufactured Cartridge
HP no: 17 Remanufactured Cartridge
HP no: 21 Remanufactured Cartridge
HP no: 22 Remanufactured Cartridge
HP no: 23 Remanufactured Cartridge
HP no: 27 Remanufactured Cartridge
HP no: 28 Remanufactured Cartridge
HP no: 45 Remanufactured Cartridge
HP no: 56 Remanufactured Cartridge
HP no: 57 Remanufactured Cartridge
HP no: 58 Remanufactured Cartridge
HP no: 78 Remanufactured Cartridge
HP no: 110 Remanufactured Cartridge
HP no: 336 Remanufactured Cartridge
HP no: 337 Remanufactured Cartridge
HP no: 338 Remanufactured Cartridge
HP no: 339 Remanufactured Cartridge
HP no: 342 Remanufactured Cartridge
HP no: 343 Remanufactured Cartridge
HP no: 344 Remanufactured Cartridge
HP no: 348 Remanufactured Cartridge
HP no: 363 Black Remanufactured Cartridge
HP no: 363 Cyan Remanufactured Cartridge
HP no: 363 Magenta Remanufactured Cartridge
HP no: 363 Yellow Remanufactured Cartridge
HP no: 363 Light Cyan Remanufactured Cartridge
HP no: 363 Light Magenta Remanufactured Cartridge
HP no: 300 Black Original Cartridge
HP no: 300 Colour Original Cartridge
HP no: 350XL Black Original Cartridge
HP no: 351 Remanufactured Cartridge

The Look

Our range of fragrances,  aftershaves and cosmetics

A Scent By Issey Miyake
Addidas Men
Alex Curren
Alyssa Ashley Musk
Amarige Mariage
Amor Amor
Anais Anais
Angel Innocent
Aqua Di Gio Men
Aqua Di Gio Women
Aqua Quorum
Aramis 900
Arden Beauty
Armani Attitude
Armani Code Men
Armani Code Women
Armani Diamonds Men
Armani Diamonds Women
Armani Idole
Avril Lavigne Black Star
Baby Blue Jeans
Baby Doll
Baby Rose Jeans
Beautiful Love
Beyond Paradise
Blue Grass
Blue Jeans
Blue Stratos
Boss Bottled
Boss In Motion
Boss In Motion White
Boss No 1
Boss Pure
Boss Selection
Boss Soul
Britney Spears Believe
Britney Spears Circus
Britney Spears Curious
Britney Spears Fantasy
Britney Spears Hidden Fantasy
Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy
Bulgari Men
Burberry (Original) Men
Burberry Brit Men
Burberry Brit Red
Burberry Brit Women
Burberry London Fabric Bottle Men
Burberry London Fabric Bottle Women
Burberry Touch Men
Burberry Touch Women
Burberry Weekend Men
Burberry Weekend Women
Burberry( Original) Women
Bvulgari Women
Calvin Klein Ck Be
Calvin Klein Ck In 2u For Her
Calvin Klein Ck In 2u For Him
Calvin Klein Ck One
Calvin Klein Man
Calvin Klein Truth Men
Calvin Klein Truth Women
Carolina Hererra 212 Men
Carolina Hererra 212 Sexy Men
Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy Women
Carolina Herrera 212 Women
Cerruti 1881 Men
Cerruti 1881 Women
Cerruti Image Men
Cerruti Image Women
Champs Elysees
Chloe Narcisse
Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera By Night
Christina Aguilera Inspire
Ck One Summer
Clinique Aromatics
Clinique Happy Men
Clinique Happy Women
Coleen Black
Contradiction Men
Contradiction Women
Cool Water Men
Cool Water Women
Coty L'Aimant
D&G Feminine
D&G Light Blue Men
D&G Light Blue Women
D&G Masculine
D&G Rose The One
D&G The One Men
D&G The One Women
David Beckham Instinct
David Beckham Intimately
David Beckham Intimately Night
David Beckham Signature
David Beckham Signature Story
Declaration By Cartier
Diesel Fuel For Life Men
Diesel Fuel For Life Women
Diesel Fuel Unlimited
Diesel Green Men
Diesel Green Women
Diesel Only The Brave
Diesel Plus Plus (White) Women
Diesel Zero Plus (Red) Men
Diesel Zero Plus (Red) Women
Diessl Plus Plus (White) Men
Dior Homme
Dkny Be Delicios Fresh Blossom
Dkny Be Delicious Men
Dkny Be Delicious Night
Dkny Be Delicious Women
Dkny Red Delicious Men
Dkny Red Delicious Women
Dkny Women
Dolce & Gabanna Men
Dolce & Gabanna Women
Drakkar Noir
Echo Men
Echo Women
Emporia Remix Women
Emporio He
Emporio Remix Men
Emporio She
Emporio White Men
Emporio White Women
English Lavendar
Escape Men
Escape Women
Estee  Lauder Sensuous
Eternity Men
Eternity Moment
Eternity Women
Euphoria Blossom
Euphoria Intense Men
Euphoria Men
Euphoria Women
Fahrenheit 32
Fcuk Men
Fcuk Women
Femme By Rochas
Ferrari Red
Fifth Avenue
Fifth Avenue After 5
Gaultier 2
Ghost Anticipation
Ghost Cherish
Ghost Deep Night
Ghost Luminous
Ghost Men
Ghost Sweetheart
Giorgio 'G'
Giorgio Red
Giorgio Women
Givenchy Blue Label
Givenchy Gentleman
Givenchy Pi
Givenchy Pour Homme
Green Tea
Grey Flannel
Gucci By Gucci Men
Gucci By Gucci Women
Gucci Envy Me
Gucci Envy Men
Gucci Envy Women
Gucci Flora
Gucci Ii Men
Gucci Ii Pink
Gucci Men
Gucci Rush
Gucci Rush Ii
Habit Rouge
Hilary Duffy With Love
Hugo Boss Boss Femme
Hugo Boss Boss Intense
Hugo Boss Boss Orange
Hugo Boss Boss Woman
Hugo By Hugo Boss Women
Hugo Dark Blue
Hugo Deep Red
Hugo Elements
Hugo Energise
Hugo Men
Hugo Pure Purple
Hugo XX By Hugo Boss
Hugo XY
Hypnose Men
Hypnose Women
Iceberg Men
Iceberg Twice
Issey Miyake Men
Issey Miyake Women
J.P. Gaultier Madame
Jade Goody Shh
Jazz Live
Jean Paul Gaultier Fleur Du Male
Jean Paul Gaultier Women
J-Lo Deseo
J-Lo Glow
J-Lo Glow After Dark
J-Lo Live
J-Lo Live Luxe
J-Lo Still
Joop Go
Joop Jump
Joop Men
Joop Nightflight
Joop Thrill Men
Joop Women
Jovan Musk Men
Jovan Musk Women
Juicy Couture
Kate Moss
Katie Price Besotted
Katie Price Stunning
Kenzo Flower
Kenzo Jungle Men
Kylie Couture
Kylie Darling
Kylie Inverse
Kylie Sexy Darling
Kylie Showtime
Kylie Sweet Darling
La Perla
Lacose Inspiration
Lacoste Challenge
Lacoste Elegance
Lacoste Essential
Lacoste Men
Lacoste Red
Lacoste Toch Of Pink
Lacoste Women
L'Air Du Temps
Lolita Lempicka
Lou Lou
Madame Rochas
Magie Noire
Marc Jacobs
Marc Jacobs Daisy
Marc Jacobs Lola
Mariah Carey 'M'
Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara
Max Factor Colour Adapt
Max Factor Creme Puff
Max Factor Lasting Performance
Max Factor Panstick
Miracle Forever
Miracle So Magic
Miracle Women
Miss By Miss Sixty
Miss Sixty
Miss Sixty Elixir
Miss Sixty Rock Muse
Morgan De Toi
Morgan Light My Heart
Morgan Love
Morgan Sweet Paradise
Moschino Cheap & Chic
Moschino I Love Love
Obsession Men
Obsession Night Men
Obsession Night Women
Obsession Women
Old Spice
Opium Men
Opium Women
Oscar De La Renta
Paco Rabanne
Paco Rabanne 1 Million
Paco Rabanne Ultrared Men
Paco Rabanne Ultrared Women
Paloma Picasso
Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton Can Can
Paris Hilton Fairy Dust
Paris Hilton Heiress
Paris Hilton Siren
Paul Smith Extreme Men
Paul Smith Extreme Women
Paul Smith Floral
Paul Smith London
Paul Smith Men
Paul Smith Rose
Paul Smith Story
Paul Smith Women
Pino Silvestre
Police 50ml
Polo Black
Polo Blue
Polo Explorer
Polo Modern Reserve
Prada Infusion D'Iris
Prada L'Eau Ambree
Prada Men
Prada Tendre
Prada Women
Premier Jour
Provocative Woman
Ralph Rocks
Red Door
Red Jeans
Rive Gauche Men
Rive Gauche Women
Roma Women
Romance Women
Safari Men
Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely
Sarah Jessica Parket Covet
Sean John I Am King
Sean John Unforgivable
Secret Obsession
Stella In Two Peony
Stella Nude
St Moriz Self Tan Mousse And Spray
Sun, Moon & Stars
Ted Lapidus
Tommy Girl
Tommy Men
True Love
Ultraviolet Men
Ultraviolet Women
Usher Men
Valentino Rock N Rose
Van Cleef First
Vera Wang Princess
Vera Wang Rock Princess
Versace Bright Crystal
Versace Crystal Noir
Versace Dreamer
Versace Man
Very Irresistible Men
Very Irresistible Sensual
Very Irresistible Women
Very Valentino Men
Very Valentino Women
Victoria Beckham Intimately
Victoria Beckham Intimately Night
Victoria Beckham Signature
Victoria Beckham Signature Story
Vivian Westwood Anglomania
Vivian Westwood Boudoir
Vivian Westwood Let It Rock
White Diamonds
White Linen
White Satin
Wings Men
Wings Women
Wish By Chopard
Xeryus Rouge
Xs Black Men
Xs Black Women
Xs Men
Youth Dew
Ysl Elle
Ysl La Nuit
Ysl L'Homme
Ysl Pour Homme
Zegna Z
The Streets

We stock a wide range of authentic & original cool street wear - Jeans, Hats, Tracksuits, T-Shirts, Socks, Gloves, Trainers, Shirts & Tops.

If there's anything you're looking for & we don't have it in stock at the moment, we can get any of these brands for you at really great prices:

  • Adidas Originals
  • Adidas Trainers
  • Bench
  • Brave Soul T-Shirts
  • Calvin Klein Jeans
  • Crosshatch
  • Fenchurch
  • Firetrap
  • Football Jersey
  • Gio-Goi Hats & T-Shirts
  • Nicholas Deakins
  • Nike Trainers
  • Puma

The Toy & Jigsaw Shop

Gibsons Jigsaw Puzzles
500 Extra Large Piece Jigsaw Puzzles
Springtime Market
The Teddy Bears' Picnic
Victorian Dolls' House
Green & Pleasant Land
Alphabet Seaside
Granny's Garden                   Puzzle 685 * 490 mm
Gardeners' Delight
The Garden Shop
Alphabet Farm
Sunday Afternoon
500 Piece Jigsaws
Brighton Bound
Just Looking
The Skates
Just What I wanted
A Spiffing Time                 Puzzle 485 * 345 mm
Gone Fishing
Neck & Neck
Mixed Double
Christmas Joys
Candy Corner
Venetian Sererade
Pit Stop
Port Isaac
An Evening for Romance
Lazy Days
Playtime At Pourville
Broken Biscuits
Dawn Patrol
The Gardon Shed
500 Piece Jigsaws
The Corner Shop
A Team Effort                 Puzzle 485 * 345 mm
Home for Christmas
Pooh Sticks
Home From Home
Home Farm

500 Piece Circular Jigsaw Puzzles
Back From the Fields
Up Up and Away                 Puzzle 485 diameter
Lending a Hand

Two 500 Piece Puzzles in a box
Santa's Workshop
A Social Whirl
Coastal Paths
Late Night Shopping
Christmas Collection
Holiday Memories
Four 500 Piece Puzzles in a box
The Milkmans Round
The Village Green
The Postmans Round                  Puzzle 485 * 345 mm
Magic of the Seasons
A Year in the Garden

636 Piece Jiasaws
Landing the Catch
Dairy Fresh                        Puzzle 685 * 320 mm
Catching the Post
Just Before the Bell

1000 Piece Jigsaws
Morning Deliveries
The Village Blacksmith
Sunlit Square
Henshaw's Mobile Shop
The Last Post
The Sweet Shop
Keeping out the Cold
The Village Crossing
A Summer's Evening              Puzzle 685 * 490 mm
A Welcome Delivery
Raing Day Stroll
Great British Sports Cars
Great British Cars (1950s-1970s)
Pole Position
Great British Bikes
Great British Bikes 2
The Farmers' Market
THe Potting Shed
Packhorse Brdge
Passing Through
Flying Scotsman
Memories of Steam
Back to the Future
Elegance & Industry
Gateway to Snowdonia
Waterloo Station
Sharing the Moment
Beano & Dandy - The Golden Years
Beano Christmas
Cadbury Collection
Cadbury Heritage

Gibsons Jigsaws
636 Piece Jigsaws
The Cunarder
The Excursion
Whitby Harbour
Hell for Leather
Making Light Work
Westminister Bridge                  Puzzle 685 * 320 mm
Southern Suburbia
Christmas in the Square
Ready To Go
Piggy in the Middle
The Village Farrier
Winter Wayfarers
Country Connection

1000  Piece Jigsaws
Animal Farm
Swan Lake
Mountains & Moorlands               Puzzle 685 * 490 mm
Coastal Creatures
Cutty Sark
Lunchtime Stopover
London Looking North
Parisian Market
Market Day
St lves
Crail Harbour
Padstow Harbour
Padstow Harbour

1000 Piece Jigsaws
I love the Weekend
The Great British Summer Sale
The Great British BBQ                    Puzzle 680 * 486 mm
The Great British Pub
The Great British Garden Fete
The Great British Seaside

2 x 1000 Piece Jigsaws
The Port of Whitby                       Puzzle 680 * 486 mm
Always on the Go

Beautiful Britain 1000 Piece Jigsaws
The Cotswolds
The Lake District                       Puzzle 680 * 486 mm
East Anglia
The West Country

Memmories Of 1000 Piece Jigsaws
1940s Shopping Basket
1950s Shopping Basket
1960s Shopping Basket                  Puzzle 680 * 486 mm
1970 Shopping Basket                 
1940 Sweet Memories
1950s Sweet Memories
1960s Sweet Memories
1970s Sweet Memories               
1940s Toy Box Memories
1950s Toy Box Memories
1960s Toy Box Memories
1970s Toy Box Memories

Gibsons 1000 Piece Jigsaws
Summer of 1940
Battle for the skies
Their Finest Hour
Squadron Returns
Home Front
Front Line
Rock & Roll
Caravan Holidays
The Horse Show
Bucket & Spade
Olde Christmas
A Jolly Good Sport
Feathered Friends                 Puzzle 685 * 490 mm
Feathered Friends 2
Out of Harm's Way
The Evacuees
When the Mouse is Away
Keeping Watch
Working the Land
In From the Cold
Meeting the Neighbours
No Interruptions
Kichen Capers
I Love the Country
I Love Pets
I Love Books
I Love Car Boot Sales
I Love London
I Love Gardening
I Love Great Britain
I Love the Farmyard

Thomas Kinkade 2 * 500 Piece Jigsaws
Lamplight Bridge & Mountain Chapel
Living Waters & Hidden Cottage                       Puzzle 485 * 345 mm

Thomas Kinkade 1000 Piece Jigsaws
Gingerbread Cottage
Sunset on Lamplight Lane
Christmas Moonlight
Nanette's Cottage
Lamplight Manor
Spirit of Christmas
Forest Chapel                                    Puzzle 680 * 486 mm
A Peaceful Time
Friendship Cottage
Miller's Cottage
Twilight Cottage
Blessings of Christmas
Mountain Paradise
Cobblestone Evening

Thomas Kinkade 2 * 1000 Piece Jigsaws
Paris & San Franscisco
Clearing Storms & Evening Majesty

Ravensburger Jigsaw Puzzles
Power Rangers    60 Pieces
Thomas & Friends 48 Pieces
Thomas Clock Puzzle 60 Pieces

Two x 500 Piece Puzzles
Harbourside Memories
Seasonal Serenity
Are you being served?
The Coffee Bar, Brighton
Riverside Retreats
The Magic of Steam
Crazy Cars in Household Heaven
Nostalgic Britain People at Work
Open All Hours
Holiday Memories

Extra Large Size 500 Piece Puzzles
Taste of Paradise
Sunset Glory
The Perfect Setup

5000 Piece Special Selection
Crazy Cars in the Potting Shed
Greeting the Vet
Trafalgar Square
The Rivals
Crazy Cats Allotment
Car Conundrums
Crazy Cars at Home
Reef Sharks
Along the Esplanade

5000 Piece Classic Range
Baby Huskies
Musical Instruments
Vintage Flora
The Picnic Party Jack Vettriano
World Traveller
Political Map of Europe
Neushwanstein Castle
Tenby Harbour
Schimmel Moonlit Tiger Club
Love is a Gamble

1000 Piece Character Puzzles
Disney Panoramic
The Best Disney Themes
Disney World Map
Winnie the Poo Star Gazing
Me To You

1000 Piece Special Selection
Happy Days Whitby
Rose Cottage
Happy Days London
The Thames
A New Thatch
Happy Days Lake District
Seaside Memories
Household Favourites
Oxford University Historic UK Map
Happy Days Cotswolds
Tulip Cottage

Ravensburger 1000 Piece Special Selection
London - A View to the West
Cat Conundrums, The Artists Cat
Cray Cats in the Garden
Crazy Cats in the Shops
Holiday Favourites (Welsh Scene)
Great British Allotment
Historic Europe Map
From Garden to Plate
A Day with Grandad
The Country Postman
Seasons of Flight
London Skyline
Happy Days Sidmouth
The Fisherman's Cottage
The Dry Stone Wall
Send off for the Queen
Great British Bookshop
Close Encounter
Nostalgic Britain Childhood Memories

1000 Piece Classic Range
Tiger, Ed Hardy
Art Deco
Cat in the Garden
Canaletto Venice
Degas Ballet Class
Cats Galore
Van Gogh, Iris
Dogs Galore
The Packet House
Crail Harbour
Windmill Country
Norwegian Fjord
Wild Rose Bouquet
Venetian Impressions
Market Palace - Istanbul
Steve Sundram: Dolphin Dance
Croyde Cottage
Midnight Moon, Anne Stokes
Gothic Butterfly, Anne Stokes
Healthy Landscape

Larger Piece Counts
Tarot  2000 Pieces
At the Waterhole 2000 Pieces
New Wonders of the World 2000 Pieces
Oceanic Wonders 3000 Pieces
St. Peter's Cathedral in Rome 3000 Pieces
Friedrich Nerly: The Grand Canal, Venice 3000 Pieces
African Animals 3000 Pieces
World Map 1665 3000 pieces
Village Wedding Feast, Pieter Brueghel, 5000 Pieces
Bombardment of Algiers 9000 Pieces
Skylines of the World 18000 Pieces

1000 Piece Colour Starline
Splendid Dolphins
Beneath the Sea
Arctic Wolves
Hong Kong
Schimmel White Tiger Cub

Wasgij 1000 Piece Jigsaw
Wasgij 17 available June 2010
Catch of the Day - 16
Run Like The Wind - 15
Football Madness - 14
Calender Gals - 13
Wasjig Original Assortment

Wasgij Two 1000 Piece Puzzles in a box
Wasgig Coronation Street Available June 2010
Wasgij Christmas - 6 available June 2010

Wasgij Original 500  Piece Jigsaw
Sunday Drivers - 1
Happy Holiday - 2
Full Monty Fever - 3
A Day To Remember - 4
Late Booking  - 5
Blooming Marvellous - 6

Wasgij  Destiny 1000 Piece Jigsaw
High Street Hassle - 10
Super Models - 9
High Season - 8
Rock Around the Clock - 7

Wasgij Mystery 1000 Piece Jigsaw
Camping Commotion - 6
Sunday Lunch - 5
Live Entertainment - 4
Drama at the Opera - 3

Falcon Jigsaw Puzzles
Falcon Cottages
Afternoon Tea 500 Pieces
Village Life  1000 Pieces
Ride In the Country  1000 Pieces
Unexpected Snowfall  1000 Pieces
The Old Village Pub  1000 Pieces
Home Sweet Home - 3 in 1 500/750/1000 Pieces

Falcon Transport
Minis, Italian Job       500 Pieces
The Great Outdoors       500 Pieces
Planes, Trains & Automobiles  500 Pieces
All Aboard                    500 Pieces
Departure Time                1000 Pieces
Journey by the Sea            1000 Pieces
Summer Time Drives            2 x 500 Pieces

Falcon Scenery
Summer Stroll                500 Pieces
Country Life                 1000 Pieces
Working the Waterways        1000 Pieces
London, Tower Bridge         1000 Pieces
Buckingham Palace            1000 Pieces
Cricket on the Green         1000 Pieces
Gondola Ride in Venice       1500 Pieces
Floral Fantasy               1000 Pieces

Falcon Nostalgia
Transportation               500 Pieces
Childhood Memories           1000 Pieces
Nostalgic Brands             1000 Pieces

Donald McGill Jigsaw Puzzles
Donald McGill               1000 Pieces

Ladybird Jigsaw Puzzles
Classic Collection         1000 Pieces
Wartime                   2 * 500 Pieces

Coronation Street 50th Anniversary 1000 Pieces Jigsaw Puzzle

Jan Van Haasteren Jigsaw Puzzles
The March   1000 Pieces
The Office  1000 Pieces
Safari      1500 Pieces
The Chess Club  1500 Pieces
The Playground  1000 Pieces
The Kitchen   1000 Pieces
Antique Show  1000 Pieces
Ballroom Dancing 1000 Pieces
The Circus       1000 Pieces
Birthday Special 1000 Pieces
The Golf Course  1500 Pieces
The Dog Show     1500 Pieces

Jumbo Jigsaw Puzzles
Farm Animals  1000 Pieces
Empire State Building View  1000 Pieces
7 New Wonders of World  1000 Pieces
Reef Life               1000 Pieces
Cat in a Basket         1000 Pieces
Fruit & Flowers         1000 Pieces
Animals in the Snow     1000 Pieces
Gathering on Veranda    1000 Pieces

Children's Jigsaw Puzzles
Peppa Pig    35 Pieces
Fireman Sam  35 Pieces
Jess         35 Pieces
Teletubbies  35 Pieces
Mr Men       35 Pieces
Cats         35 Pieces
Cars         50 Pieces
Princess & Frog 50 Pieces
Prince of Persia 100 Pieces
Handy Manny  35 Pieces
Tinkerbell  35 Pieces
Princess     100 Pieces
Winnie The Pooh 35 Pieces

Puzzle Accessories
Portapuzzle Standard 1000 Pieces
Jigroll in a 1000 Piece Box
Puzzle Fixative

The House of Puzzles Jigsaw Puzzles
The Dalmore Collection  1000 Pieces
At The Garden Centre
Cider Makers
Farmhouse Kitchen                           Completed Puzzle Size
Foxley Wood                                 27 * 19 inches
Garden Watch                                483 * 686 mm approx
Grandma's Attic
Grow Your Own
Let It Snow
Manor Farm
Quiet Corner
Safe Haven
Train Now Standing

The Redbrook Collection Jigsaw Puzzles       1000 Pieces
Badgers Dell
Garden Pond                                    Completed Puzzle Size
Good as Gold                                   27 * 19 inches
Green Fingers                                  483 * 686 mm approx
Homeward Bound
Kitchen Garden
Mountain Stream
Penny Buns
Ploughman's Lunch
Roll Out The Barrel
Smugglers Cove
Winter Games

The Hazelwood Collection Jigsaw Puzzles 1000 Pieces
Dad's Shed
Farm Shop
Farmyard Companions                Completed Puzzle Size
Getting Up Steam                   27 * 19 inches
Happy Hens                         483 * 686 mm approx
Market Square
Old Timers
Spitfires Safely Home
Summer Days
Through The Seasons
Work in Progress

The Ferndale Collection Jigsaw Puzzles  1000 Pieces
Fresh Pastures
Garden View                         
Hen Friends                       Completed Puzzle Size
Lots of Pots                      27 * 19 inches
New Shoes                         483 * 686 mm approx
Sea Breeze
The Millstream
The Village Store
Threshing Day
Winter Gathering

The House of Puzzles Jigsaw Puzzles
The Kingslea Collection           1000 Pieces
Bird Watch
Familiar Faces
Home From The Sea
Lest We Forget                    Completed Puzzle Size
Spring Morning                    27 * 19 inches
Sunset                            483 * 686 mm approx
The Landie
The Trout Pool
Three Of A Kind
Woodland Way
Working Mum

The Cromarty Collection Jigsaw Puzzles 1000 Pieces
Country Kitchen
Curious Cats
Fairground Attraction
Fox Lane                               Completed Puzzle Size
Garden Visitors                        27 * 19 inches
Moggies & Doggies                      483 * 686 mm approx
Passing By
Thirsty Work
Wait Mr Postman

The Linden Collection Jigsaw Puzzles 1000 Pieces
Birds Of A Feather
Down in the Valley
Highland Glen
On The Road Again
On The Fiddle
Old Course St Andrews              Completed Puzzle Size
Scraps                             27 * 19 inches
Song Of The Sea                    483 * 686 mm approx   
The Farmyard

Christmas  Collectors Edition - No. 4  1000 Pieces
Christmas Dreams                     Completed Puzzle Size
Secret Santa                         27 * 19 inches 483 * 686 mm approx

The Afton Collection Jigsaw Puzzles 1000 Pieces
A Birds Eye View
Copy Cats
On Silent Wings
The Village Green
There And Then                     Completed Puzzle Size
Lazy Afternoon                     27 * 19 inches
Gardener's World                   483 * 686 mm approx
Harvest Time
The Old Fox Of Glencoe

The Loon Collection Jigsaw Puzzles 1000 Pieces
The Milkman                      Completed Puzzle Size
The Water Jump                   27 * 19 inches
483 * 686 mm approx

The House Of Puzzles Jigsaw Puzzles
The Shires Collection         1000 Pieces
A Leap In The Dark
Down Memory Lane               Completed Puzzle Size
Red Alert                      27 * 19 inches
Salute To The Few              483 * 686 mm approx

The Moray Collection Jigsaw Puzzles 1000 Pieces
Frosty Morn
Mother's Pride
Post Haste                  Completed Puzzle Size
Stronghold                  27 * 19 inches
Tranquility                 483 * 686 mm approx

The Brampton Collection     BIG 500 Pieces
Cool Cats
Country Living              Completed Puzzle Size
Ducks to Water              27 * 19 inches
Railway Children            483 * 686 mm approx
Snowy Afternoon
Strolling Along
Tales of the River
Topping Up

The Meadow Collection        BIG 250 Pieces
By The Riverbank
Country Town
Down On The Farm
Feed The Birds
Gentle Giants                Completed Puzzle Size
Nature Study                 27 * 19 inches
River Cottage                483 * 686 mm approx
Train Spotting

The Willow Collection       500 Pieces
March Past
Meadow Green
Meals On Wheels            Completed Puzzle Size
Mobile Home                27 * 19 inches
Off To Work                483 * 686 mm approx
Stable Mates
Village Pond
Winter Wood

The Manor Collection      500 Pieces
Beside The Sea
Busy Morning
Collectors Corner         Completed Puzzle Size
Farmer's Pride              27 * 19 inches
Highland Home             483 * 686 mm approx
Pecking Order

The Wyvis Collection      500 Pieces
Bluebell Wood
Childhood Home
How's the Craic
Knights Royal
The Railway Inn

The Byways Collection     500 Pieces
By The Quayside           Completed Puzzle Size
Cottage Garden            27 * 19 inches
To The Rescue             483 * 686 mm approx

Too Damn Loud


50's CD's
Adam Faith
Andy Williams
Bill Haley & The Comets
Billy Fury
Bobby Darwin
Brenda Lee
Buddy Holly
Cliff Richard
Connie Francis
David Whitfield
Dean Martin
Eddie Calvert
Elvis Presley
Flanagan & Allen
Frankie Lane
Frankie Valli
Gene Vincent
George Formby
Glenn Miller
Gracie Fields
Guy Mitchell
Howard Keele
Joe Brown
Johnny Mathis
Lonnie Donegan
Marty Wilde
Matt Monro
Max Bygraves
Nat King Cole
Neil Sedaka
Ricky Nelson
Roy Orbison
Ruby Murray
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
Stanley Holloway
The 4 Seasons
Tommy Steele
Vera Lynn

60's CD's
Beach Boys
Billy J Kramer
Burt Weedon
Carol King
Cat Stevens
Dr Hook
Dusty Springfield
Engelbert Humperdink
Eric Burdon
Eric Clapton
Fleetwood Mac
Frank Ifield
Freddy & The Dreamers
Gene Pitney
Gerry & The Pacemakers
Helen Shapiro
Jimi Hendrix
Judge Dread
Kathy Kirby
Ken Dodd
Mamas & Papas
Manfred Mann
Pj Proby
Righteous Brothers
Roger Whittaker
Simon & Garfunkel
Status Quo
The Bee Gees
The Byrds
The Carpenters
The Kinks
The Searchers
The Seekers
The Shadows
The Tremeloes
The Troggs
The Yardbirds
Tina Turner
Tom Jones
Tony Christie
Val Doonican
Van Morrison
Walker Brothers

70's CD's
Babara Dixon
Bad Manners
Barbara Streisand
Boney M
Bruce Springsteen
Carly Simon
Chris De Burgh
Cyndi Lauper
Donna Summer
M People
Rick Astley
Robert Palmer
Rod Stuart
T Rex
Whitney Houston


80's CD's
Duran Duran
Michael Bolton
Spandau Ballet


Easy Listening CD's
Acker Bilk
In The Mood Dance Band Years 5CD
Paul Anka
Reggae Love Songs
Shirley Bassey
Five Penny Piece
Simply The Best 50's 5CD
Songs That Won The War
Summer Holiday
The Batchelors
Wartime Memories 3CD


Country CD's
Billie Jo Spears
Bobby Helms
Box Car Willie
Conway Twitty
Charlie Pride
Crystal Gayle
Dolly Parton
Don Williams
Eddie Cockran
Gene Autry
George Jones
Glen Campbell
Jim Reeves
John Denver
Karl Denver
Loretta Lynn
Lynn Anderson
Marty Robbins
Mickey Gilley
Neil Diamond
Patsy Cline
Roy Rogers
Slim Whitman
Tammy Wynette
Tex Ritter
Waylon Jennings


DVD Box Sets
A Team
Allo Allo
Ally Mcbeal
American Dad
Boys From The Blackstuff
Chuck Norris Walker Texas Ranger
Coronation Street
Daniel Boone
Dick Van Dyke Show
Dr Who
Foyles War
Goodnight Sweetheart
Hart To Hart
Hawaii Five O
Hi Di Hi
Hill Street Blues
Howards Way
Juliet Bravo
Keeping Up Appearances
Last Of The Summer Wine
Londons Burning
Love Thy Neighbour
Magnum PI
Nearest And Dearest
Nightmare On Elm Street
Playing The Field
Rich Man Poor Man
Six Million Dollar Man
Spiderman Trilogy
Starsky And Hutch
Still Game
The Bill
The Fall Guy
The Shield
Vicar Of Dibley


Childrens DVD's
101 Dalmations
Alvin And The Chipmunks
Alvin And The Chipmunks The Squeakquel
Batman Begins
Bob The Builder
Cats And Dogs
Charlie And The Chocolate Factory
Dark Knight
Free Willy
Hannah Montanna
Harry Potter
Home Alone 1 And 2
Ice Age 1 2
In The Night Garden
Iron Man
Kung Fu Panda
Mary Poppins
Nanny Mcphee
Over The Hedge
Pepper Pig
Petes Dragon
Postman Pat
Shaun The Sheep
Shrek 1 2 3
Sleeping Beauty
Spiderman 1 2 3
Thomas The Tank Engine


Musical DVD's
An American In Paris
Calamity Jane
Dirty Dancing
Full Monty
Glen Miller Story
Grease 1 And 2
Jolson Story Jolson Sings Again
My Fair Lady
Pyjama Game
Saturday Night Fever
Save The Last Dance
Seven Brides For Seven Brothers
State Fair
Step Up 1 And 2
Summer Holiday
The King And I
Tina Whats Love Got To Do With It
Walk The Line


Easy Listening & Country Music DVD's
Chris De Burgh
Conway Twitty
Country Chartbusters
Country Legends
Country Road Songs
Don Williams
Dusty Springfield
Freddy Fender
Gene Pitney
Glen Campbell
Joe Longthorn
Johnny Cash
Kings Of Country
Loretta Lynn And Patsy Cline
Nat King Cole
Neil Sedaka
Ollie Austin
Queens Of Country
Rock N Roll Greats
Rock N Roll Show
Roy Orbison
Shirley Bassey
Tammy Wynette
The Shadows
Willie Nelson


Daniel O'Donnell DVD's
An Evening With Just For You
At Home In Ireland
Can You Feel The Love
Daniel And Friends
Daniel And Mary Give A Little Love
Daniel O Donnell
Daniel O Donnell Show
Daniel On Film
Danielclassic Live Tv Show
Follow Your Dream Thoughts Of Home
Hope And Praise
Live In Concert
Peaceful Waters
Rock N Roll Show
Shades Of Green
Show Time
Songs Of Faith The Gospel Show

Irish Artists on DVD
Ann Williamson
Barry Doyle
Charlie Lansborough
Curtis Magee
Declan Nerney
Dominic Kirwan
Farmer Dan
Foster And Allen
Isla Grant
Joe Dolan
John Mcsweeney
Kevin Collins
Mary Duff
Mick Flavin
Philomena Begley
Richie Kavanagh
Seamus Moore
Sean O Farrell
Sean Wilson
Susan Mccann
Theresa Rogers
Wolfe Tones

Irish Compilation DVD's
A Musical Journey Through Ireland
Amazing Grace
Best Of Irish Country Music
Country And Irish Live
Farming Down Memory Lane
Gospel Favourites
Ireland In Song
Irish Party Singalong
Original Showband Legends
Singing On A Sunday
Stars Of Ireland Vols 1 & 2


Westerns On DVD
3 Godfathers
7 Men From Now
A Few Dollars More
Adios Sabata
Big Jake
Bite The Bullet
Bridge At Remagen
Broken Trail
Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee
Cactus Jack
Cat Ballou
Clint Eastwood Collection
Custer Of The West
Donovans Reef
El Dorado
Far Country
Fistfull Of Dollars
Flying Leathernecks
Gunfight At The Ok Corral
Hallelujah Trail
Hang Em High
Hell Fighter
High Noon
High Planes Drifter
Jeramiah Johnson
John Wayne Island In The Sky
Long Rider
Major Dundee
Man From Colorado
Midnight Cowboy
Missouri Breaks
No Name On The Bullet
Paint Your Wagon
Pale Rider
Quiet Man
Return To Sabata
Rio Bravo
Rio Grande
Rio Lobo
Rooster Coburn
Sons Of Katie Elder
The Devil At 4 O Clock
The Good The Bad And The Ugly
The Search
The Shootist
True Grit
Two Rode Together
Ulzanos Raid
Vera Cruz
Winchester 73


War Films On DVD
Dirty Dozen Fatal Mission
10 To Midnight
633 Squadron
A Bridge Too Far
Aces High
Back To Bataan
Battle Of The Bulge
Battle Of The River Plate
Bedford Incident
Behind Enemy Lines
Black Hawk Down
Bridge On The River Kwai
Crimson Tide
Deer Hunter
Desert Rats
Dirty Dozen
Flying Tigers
Full Metal Jacket
Gods Gun
Great Escape
Guns Of Navarone
Ice Cold In Alex
In Harms Way
Kellys Heroes
Last Stand At Saber River
Last Train From Gun Hill
Longest Day
Lost Command
Operation Pacific
Paths Of Glory
Saving Private Ryan
The Dambusters
The Green Berets
The Vikings
Three Kings
Tora Tora
Von Ryans Express
Where Eagles Dare
Wild Geese 2
Zulu Dawn


Elvis Presley DVD's
68 Come Back Tour
Blue Hawaii
Change Of Habit
Double Trouble
Easy Come Easy Go
Flaming Star
Frankie And Johnny
Fun In Acapulco
GI Blues
Girls Girls Girls
Harum Scarum
It Happened At The Worlds Fair
Jailhouse Rock
Kid Galahad
Love Me Tender
Paradise Hawaiian Style
Spin Out
Tickle Me
Trouble With Girls
Viva Las Vegas
Wild In The Country


Steven Segal DVD's
Attack Force
Driven To Kill
Half Past Dead
Hard To Kill
Kill Switch
Marked For Death
Out For Justice
Out Of Reach
Pistol Whipped
Renagade Justice
Under Seige

Catherine Cookson DVD's
Black Candle
Black Velvet Gown
Cinder Path
Dinner Of Herbs
Dwelling Place
Fifteen Streets
Gamblimg Man
Glass Virgin
Mallen Curse
Mallen Girls
Mallen Secret
Mallen Streak
Rag Nymph
Round Tower
The Girl
The Man Who Cried
The Moth
The Secret
Tide Of Life
Tilly Trotter
Wingless Bird

Danielle Steele DVD's
Family Album
Fine Things
Full Circle
Message from Nam
Mixed Blessing
No Greater Love
Once in a Lifetime
Perfect Stranger
The Ring

Jean Claude Van Damme DVD's
Death Warrant
Dessert Heat
Double Team
Hard Corps
Hard Target
No Retreat No Surrender
Nowhere To Run
Second In Command
The Order
The Quest
Time Cop
Wake Of Death


Gangster DVD's
Bad Boys 1 And 2
Demolition Man
Gangster No 1
Green Street
Green Street Two
How High
In The Name Of The Fathewr
Inside Man
Layer Cake
Enemy Of The State
Lockstock And Two Smoking Barrels
Old Boy
Passenger 57
The Business
The Kingdom
This Is England
Waist Deep


Horror Films On DVD
Book Of Blood
Brain Damage
Bride Of Chucky
Cabin Fever 2
Childsplay 1 2 3
Draculas Guest
Dying Breed
El Chupacabra
Hell Raiser Inferno
Malice In Wonderland
My Bloody Valentine
Red Sands
Seed Of Chucky
Summers Moon
The Spirit
Vacancy 2
While She Was Out


Classic Movies
African Queen
From Here To Eternity
Road To Bali


Wrestling DVD's
Hart And Soul The Hart Family
My Life John Cena
A Decade Of Decadence
The Rock
Wrestlemania 1 And 2
Wrestlemania 26 25 24
Wrestlemania 6 And 7
WW The Best Of Saturday Nights Main Events

Lots more as & when available

Whittakers Eggs

We sell farm fresh, free range, locally produced eggs. We stock hen's eggs in all sizes, duck eggs, and goose eggs in season.

Most of our eggs are produced within a few miles of Kirkgate Market, which means a lot less 'food miles' than eggs from a supermarket - and they're that much fresher.

Free range hens eggs in the following sizes:

Medium, Large, Very Large & Very Very Large.

Double yolk hens eggs are always available.

Duck eggs:
These are very popular, and only £1.50 for 6

Goose eggs in season - they're huge!

Prices for a box of 6 Hens Eggs:
Very Very Large [Jumbo] Free Range Eggs: £1.50 [TBC]
Very Large Free Range Eggs: £1.50
Large Free Range Eggs: £1.30
Medium Free Range Eggs: £1.15
Very Small Free Range Eggs: £0.75 [when available]
White Hens Eggs: £0.95

Prices for trays of Hens Eggs:
Very Large: £2.90 for 20
Large: £3.60 for 30
Medium: £3.40 for 30
Very Small: £1.90 for 30

We sometimes have trays of 30 Very Small Free Range available.

Some Facts About Eggs:

  • Goose eggs are usually only available from February to July, sometimes a few filter through around Christmas time
  • Hens eggs with double yolks are only produced by hens which are between sixteen to twenty four weeks old
  • White eggs are produced by white chickens, They are classed as a 'pure egg' and therefore can be used in Kosher and Halal cooking because they never have any blood spots in them.
  • White hens eggs have lovely orange yolks and make really great mayonnaise - and they're only 95p for 6!

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