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  • Clothing & Accessories
Traditional Mens Underwear
Mesh Vests White & Coloured up to XL
Singlets White & Coloured up to 4XL
Y Fronts White & Coloured up to 3XL
Trunks Interlock & Mesh up to 3XL
Boxer Shorts up to 5XL
Woven Boxer Shorts up to 3XL
Socks Long Length - Cotton or Lambswool 6-11
Boot Socks Wool Blend 6-11
Lycra Socks 6-11
Novelty Bart Simpson / Mr Men 6-11
Thermal Long Socks 6-11
Non Elastic / Soft Top Socks 6-11
Sports Socks 6-11
Trainer Socks 6-11
Big Foot 11-14 Non Elastic / Gentle Grip
Big Foot 11-14 Thermal
Thermal Bed Socks 6-11
Men’s Thermal Long Sleeve Vest up to XL
Men’s Thermal Short Sleeve Vest up to XL
Men’s Thermal long Johns up to XL
Interlock Short Sleeve Vest up to XL
Men’s Traditional Braces 1" Wide

Womens Pants
Airtex Cuff Leg up to 5 XL
Interlock Cuff Leg up to 3 XL
Airtex Pantee up to 3 XL
Interlock Pantee Leg up to 3 XL
Interlock Panteloon / Deep Pants up to 3 XL
Value 3 Packs up to 3 XL
Needle Briefs up to 2 XL
Cotton Coloured Edge up to 2 XL
Lycra Waffle up to 3 XL
Cotton with Flower Pattern up to 6 XL
Jaquard Tunnel Elastic up to 6 XL
Polyester / Cotton up to 6 XL
All Black Tunnel Elastic up to 3 XL
All Black Rib up to 3 XL
Printed Full Brief up to 2 XL
Printed Rib Full Brief up to 2 XL
Light Control Girdle White or Black up to hips 50-52
Firm Control Girdle White or Black up to 50-52

Brettles Thermals
Long Sleeve Spencer up to XL
Short Sleeve Spencer up to XL
French Neck Vest up to XL
French Neck Cami up to XL
Built Up Shoulder Cami up to XL
Cuff Leg Brief up to XL
Pantee up to XL
Ankle Pants up to XL

Brettles Cotton
French Neck Spencer up to XL
French Neck Vest up to XL
Built Up Shoulder up to XL
Short Sleeve spencer up to XL
Briefs             up to XL
Pantee           up to XL
Interlock Built Up Shoulder Vest up to 2XL
French Neck spencer up to XL
French Neck Vest up to XL

Waist Slips
27" Cotton Broderie Anglaise up to XXOS
27" Polyester up to XXOS
26" 85% nylon up to XXOS
30" 85% nylon up to XXOS
32" 85% nylon up to XXOS
18" 100% Polyester up to 24-26

Built Up Shoulder Full Slips White /Black 100% Polyester size 12 up to size 32
Fashion Neon Ankle Socks 4-7
Stay Fresh Black Ankle Socks 4-7
Calvin Classic Cotton Rich White Ankle Socks 4-7
Sport Socks 4-6
Cotton Rich Casual Comfort Socks 4-6
She Gentle Grip Ankle Socks 4-7
Flight Socks 4-7
Ladies Trainer White / Black Socks 4-6
Patterned Trainer Socks Neon 4-7
Fresh Feel Footsie 4-6 1/2
Leg Warmers(Straight Leg) Red White Or Black
Leg Warmers Rouched Neon Pink, Line, Orange, Green
Leg Warmers Rouched Maroon, Black, Purple, Cerise
Ladies Bed Socks 4-7
Ladies Thermal Slipper Socks 4-7

Over Knee Socks
Black                    Yellow
White                    Maroon
Red                      Lilac
Brown                    Purple
Cream                    Cerise
Grey                     Baby Pink
Apple Green              
Bottle Green              Red/ White Broad Stripe
Mint Green                Green / White Broad Stripe
Turquoise                 Blue/ White Broad Stripe
Royal Blue                Purple / Black Broad Stripe
Navy                     Red/ Black Broad Stripe

Over Knee Socks
Blue/ Black Broad Stripe
Orange/ Black Broad Stripe
White/ Black Broad Stripe
Yellow/ Black Broad Stripe
Red/ Black Broad Stripe
Green/ Black Broad Stripe
Maroon/ Black narrow Stripe
Yellow/ Black narrow Stripe
Khaki/ Black narrow Stripe
Red/ pink narrow Stripe
Pink/ White narrow Stripe
Cerise/ Black narrow Stripe
Orange/ Black narrow Stripe
Green/ Black narrow Stripe
Skill design over knee

Knee Socks
Black Knee Socks
Brown Knee Socks
White Knee Socks
Red Knee Socks
Bottle Green Knee Socks
Diamond Pattern Golf Socks

Neon Pink, Lime, Orange or Green Braces,
Black, White, Red, Navy or Purple Braces,
Red, Glitter, Silver, Gold Glitter Braces,
Purple Check, Green Check, Red Check Blue Check Braces.

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Traditional Underwear for Ladies & Gents
Traditional underwear for Ladies & Gents
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