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Gibsons Jigsaw Puzzles
500 Extra Large Piece Jigsaw Puzzles
Springtime Market
The Teddy Bears' Picnic
Victorian Dolls' House
Green & Pleasant Land
Alphabet Seaside
Granny's Garden                   Puzzle 685 * 490 mm
Gardeners' Delight
The Garden Shop
Alphabet Farm
Sunday Afternoon
500 Piece Jigsaws
Brighton Bound
Just Looking
The Skates
Just What I wanted
A Spiffing Time                 Puzzle 485 * 345 mm
Gone Fishing
Neck & Neck
Mixed Double
Christmas Joys
Candy Corner
Venetian Sererade
Pit Stop
Port Isaac
An Evening for Romance
Lazy Days
Playtime At Pourville
Broken Biscuits
Dawn Patrol
The Gardon Shed
500 Piece Jigsaws
The Corner Shop
A Team Effort                 Puzzle 485 * 345 mm
Home for Christmas
Pooh Sticks
Home From Home
Home Farm

500 Piece Circular Jigsaw Puzzles
Back From the Fields
Up Up and Away                 Puzzle 485 diameter
Lending a Hand

Two 500 Piece Puzzles in a box
Santa's Workshop
A Social Whirl
Coastal Paths
Late Night Shopping
Christmas Collection
Holiday Memories
Four 500 Piece Puzzles in a box
The Milkmans Round
The Village Green
The Postmans Round                  Puzzle 485 * 345 mm
Magic of the Seasons
A Year in the Garden

636 Piece Jiasaws
Landing the Catch
Dairy Fresh                        Puzzle 685 * 320 mm
Catching the Post
Just Before the Bell

1000 Piece Jigsaws
Morning Deliveries
The Village Blacksmith
Sunlit Square
Henshaw's Mobile Shop
The Last Post
The Sweet Shop
Keeping out the Cold
The Village Crossing
A Summer's Evening              Puzzle 685 * 490 mm
A Welcome Delivery
Raing Day Stroll
Great British Sports Cars
Great British Cars (1950s-1970s)
Pole Position
Great British Bikes
Great British Bikes 2
The Farmers' Market
THe Potting Shed
Packhorse Brdge
Passing Through
Flying Scotsman
Memories of Steam
Back to the Future
Elegance & Industry
Gateway to Snowdonia
Waterloo Station
Sharing the Moment
Beano & Dandy - The Golden Years
Beano Christmas
Cadbury Collection
Cadbury Heritage

Gibsons Jigsaws
636 Piece Jigsaws
The Cunarder
The Excursion
Whitby Harbour
Hell for Leather
Making Light Work
Westminister Bridge                  Puzzle 685 * 320 mm
Southern Suburbia
Christmas in the Square
Ready To Go
Piggy in the Middle
The Village Farrier
Winter Wayfarers
Country Connection

1000  Piece Jigsaws
Animal Farm
Swan Lake
Mountains & Moorlands               Puzzle 685 * 490 mm
Coastal Creatures
Cutty Sark
Lunchtime Stopover
London Looking North
Parisian Market
Market Day
St lves
Crail Harbour
Padstow Harbour
Padstow Harbour

1000 Piece Jigsaws
I love the Weekend
The Great British Summer Sale
The Great British BBQ                    Puzzle 680 * 486 mm
The Great British Pub
The Great British Garden Fete
The Great British Seaside

2 x 1000 Piece Jigsaws
The Port of Whitby                       Puzzle 680 * 486 mm
Always on the Go

Beautiful Britain 1000 Piece Jigsaws
The Cotswolds
The Lake District                       Puzzle 680 * 486 mm
East Anglia
The West Country

Memmories Of 1000 Piece Jigsaws
1940s Shopping Basket
1950s Shopping Basket
1960s Shopping Basket                  Puzzle 680 * 486 mm
1970 Shopping Basket                 
1940 Sweet Memories
1950s Sweet Memories
1960s Sweet Memories
1970s Sweet Memories               
1940s Toy Box Memories
1950s Toy Box Memories
1960s Toy Box Memories
1970s Toy Box Memories

Gibsons 1000 Piece Jigsaws
Summer of 1940
Battle for the skies
Their Finest Hour
Squadron Returns
Home Front
Front Line
Rock & Roll
Caravan Holidays
The Horse Show
Bucket & Spade
Olde Christmas
A Jolly Good Sport
Feathered Friends                 Puzzle 685 * 490 mm
Feathered Friends 2
Out of Harm's Way
The Evacuees
When the Mouse is Away
Keeping Watch
Working the Land
In From the Cold
Meeting the Neighbours
No Interruptions
Kichen Capers
I Love the Country
I Love Pets
I Love Books
I Love Car Boot Sales
I Love London
I Love Gardening
I Love Great Britain
I Love the Farmyard

Thomas Kinkade 2 * 500 Piece Jigsaws
Lamplight Bridge & Mountain Chapel
Living Waters & Hidden Cottage                       Puzzle 485 * 345 mm

Thomas Kinkade 1000 Piece Jigsaws
Gingerbread Cottage
Sunset on Lamplight Lane
Christmas Moonlight
Nanette's Cottage
Lamplight Manor
Spirit of Christmas
Forest Chapel                                    Puzzle 680 * 486 mm
A Peaceful Time
Friendship Cottage
Miller's Cottage
Twilight Cottage
Blessings of Christmas
Mountain Paradise
Cobblestone Evening

Thomas Kinkade 2 * 1000 Piece Jigsaws
Paris & San Franscisco
Clearing Storms & Evening Majesty

Ravensburger Jigsaw Puzzles
Power Rangers    60 Pieces
Thomas & Friends 48 Pieces
Thomas Clock Puzzle 60 Pieces

Two x 500 Piece Puzzles
Harbourside Memories
Seasonal Serenity
Are you being served?
The Coffee Bar, Brighton
Riverside Retreats
The Magic of Steam
Crazy Cars in Household Heaven
Nostalgic Britain People at Work
Open All Hours
Holiday Memories

Extra Large Size 500 Piece Puzzles
Taste of Paradise
Sunset Glory
The Perfect Setup

5000 Piece Special Selection
Crazy Cars in the Potting Shed
Greeting the Vet
Trafalgar Square
The Rivals
Crazy Cats Allotment
Car Conundrums
Crazy Cars at Home
Reef Sharks
Along the Esplanade

5000 Piece Classic Range
Baby Huskies
Musical Instruments
Vintage Flora
The Picnic Party Jack Vettriano
World Traveller
Political Map of Europe
Neushwanstein Castle
Tenby Harbour
Schimmel Moonlit Tiger Club
Love is a Gamble

1000 Piece Character Puzzles
Disney Panoramic
The Best Disney Themes
Disney World Map
Winnie the Poo Star Gazing
Me To You

1000 Piece Special Selection
Happy Days Whitby
Rose Cottage
Happy Days London
The Thames
A New Thatch
Happy Days Lake District
Seaside Memories
Household Favourites
Oxford University Historic UK Map
Happy Days Cotswolds
Tulip Cottage

Ravensburger 1000 Piece Special Selection
London - A View to the West
Cat Conundrums, The Artists Cat
Cray Cats in the Garden
Crazy Cats in the Shops
Holiday Favourites (Welsh Scene)
Great British Allotment
Historic Europe Map
From Garden to Plate
A Day with Grandad
The Country Postman
Seasons of Flight
London Skyline
Happy Days Sidmouth
The Fisherman's Cottage
The Dry Stone Wall
Send off for the Queen
Great British Bookshop
Close Encounter
Nostalgic Britain Childhood Memories

1000 Piece Classic Range
Tiger, Ed Hardy
Art Deco
Cat in the Garden
Canaletto Venice
Degas Ballet Class
Cats Galore
Van Gogh, Iris
Dogs Galore
The Packet House
Crail Harbour
Windmill Country
Norwegian Fjord
Wild Rose Bouquet
Venetian Impressions
Market Palace - Istanbul
Steve Sundram: Dolphin Dance
Croyde Cottage
Midnight Moon, Anne Stokes
Gothic Butterfly, Anne Stokes
Healthy Landscape

Larger Piece Counts
Tarot  2000 Pieces
At the Waterhole 2000 Pieces
New Wonders of the World 2000 Pieces
Oceanic Wonders 3000 Pieces
St. Peter's Cathedral in Rome 3000 Pieces
Friedrich Nerly: The Grand Canal, Venice 3000 Pieces
African Animals 3000 Pieces
World Map 1665 3000 pieces
Village Wedding Feast, Pieter Brueghel, 5000 Pieces
Bombardment of Algiers 9000 Pieces
Skylines of the World 18000 Pieces

1000 Piece Colour Starline
Splendid Dolphins
Beneath the Sea
Arctic Wolves
Hong Kong
Schimmel White Tiger Cub

Wasgij 1000 Piece Jigsaw
Wasgij 17 available June 2010
Catch of the Day - 16
Run Like The Wind - 15
Football Madness - 14
Calender Gals - 13
Wasjig Original Assortment

Wasgij Two 1000 Piece Puzzles in a box
Wasgig Coronation Street Available June 2010
Wasgij Christmas - 6 available June 2010

Wasgij Original 500  Piece Jigsaw
Sunday Drivers - 1
Happy Holiday - 2
Full Monty Fever - 3
A Day To Remember - 4
Late Booking  - 5
Blooming Marvellous - 6

Wasgij  Destiny 1000 Piece Jigsaw
High Street Hassle - 10
Super Models - 9
High Season - 8
Rock Around the Clock - 7

Wasgij Mystery 1000 Piece Jigsaw
Camping Commotion - 6
Sunday Lunch - 5
Live Entertainment - 4
Drama at the Opera - 3

Falcon Jigsaw Puzzles
Falcon Cottages
Afternoon Tea 500 Pieces
Village Life  1000 Pieces
Ride In the Country  1000 Pieces
Unexpected Snowfall  1000 Pieces
The Old Village Pub  1000 Pieces
Home Sweet Home - 3 in 1 500/750/1000 Pieces

Falcon Transport
Minis, Italian Job       500 Pieces
The Great Outdoors       500 Pieces
Planes, Trains & Automobiles  500 Pieces
All Aboard                    500 Pieces
Departure Time                1000 Pieces
Journey by the Sea            1000 Pieces
Summer Time Drives            2 x 500 Pieces

Falcon Scenery
Summer Stroll                500 Pieces
Country Life                 1000 Pieces
Working the Waterways        1000 Pieces
London, Tower Bridge         1000 Pieces
Buckingham Palace            1000 Pieces
Cricket on the Green         1000 Pieces
Gondola Ride in Venice       1500 Pieces
Floral Fantasy               1000 Pieces

Falcon Nostalgia
Transportation               500 Pieces
Childhood Memories           1000 Pieces
Nostalgic Brands             1000 Pieces

Donald McGill Jigsaw Puzzles
Donald McGill               1000 Pieces

Ladybird Jigsaw Puzzles
Classic Collection         1000 Pieces
Wartime                   2 * 500 Pieces

Coronation Street 50th Anniversary 1000 Pieces Jigsaw Puzzle

Jan Van Haasteren Jigsaw Puzzles
The March   1000 Pieces
The Office  1000 Pieces
Safari      1500 Pieces
The Chess Club  1500 Pieces
The Playground  1000 Pieces
The Kitchen   1000 Pieces
Antique Show  1000 Pieces
Ballroom Dancing 1000 Pieces
The Circus       1000 Pieces
Birthday Special 1000 Pieces
The Golf Course  1500 Pieces
The Dog Show     1500 Pieces

Jumbo Jigsaw Puzzles
Farm Animals  1000 Pieces
Empire State Building View  1000 Pieces
7 New Wonders of World  1000 Pieces
Reef Life               1000 Pieces
Cat in a Basket         1000 Pieces
Fruit & Flowers         1000 Pieces
Animals in the Snow     1000 Pieces
Gathering on Veranda    1000 Pieces

Children's Jigsaw Puzzles
Peppa Pig    35 Pieces
Fireman Sam  35 Pieces
Jess         35 Pieces
Teletubbies  35 Pieces
Mr Men       35 Pieces
Cats         35 Pieces
Cars         50 Pieces
Princess & Frog 50 Pieces
Prince of Persia 100 Pieces
Handy Manny  35 Pieces
Tinkerbell  35 Pieces
Princess     100 Pieces
Winnie The Pooh 35 Pieces

Puzzle Accessories
Portapuzzle Standard 1000 Pieces
Jigroll in a 1000 Piece Box
Puzzle Fixative

The House of Puzzles Jigsaw Puzzles
The Dalmore Collection  1000 Pieces
At The Garden Centre
Cider Makers
Farmhouse Kitchen                           Completed Puzzle Size
Foxley Wood                                 27 * 19 inches
Garden Watch                                483 * 686 mm approx
Grandma's Attic
Grow Your Own
Let It Snow
Manor Farm
Quiet Corner
Safe Haven
Train Now Standing

The Redbrook Collection Jigsaw Puzzles       1000 Pieces
Badgers Dell
Garden Pond                                    Completed Puzzle Size
Good as Gold                                   27 * 19 inches
Green Fingers                                  483 * 686 mm approx
Homeward Bound
Kitchen Garden
Mountain Stream
Penny Buns
Ploughman's Lunch
Roll Out The Barrel
Smugglers Cove
Winter Games

The Hazelwood Collection Jigsaw Puzzles 1000 Pieces
Dad's Shed
Farm Shop
Farmyard Companions                Completed Puzzle Size
Getting Up Steam                   27 * 19 inches
Happy Hens                         483 * 686 mm approx
Market Square
Old Timers
Spitfires Safely Home
Summer Days
Through The Seasons
Work in Progress

The Ferndale Collection Jigsaw Puzzles  1000 Pieces
Fresh Pastures
Garden View                         
Hen Friends                       Completed Puzzle Size
Lots of Pots                      27 * 19 inches
New Shoes                         483 * 686 mm approx
Sea Breeze
The Millstream
The Village Store
Threshing Day
Winter Gathering

The House of Puzzles Jigsaw Puzzles
The Kingslea Collection           1000 Pieces
Bird Watch
Familiar Faces
Home From The Sea
Lest We Forget                    Completed Puzzle Size
Spring Morning                    27 * 19 inches
Sunset                            483 * 686 mm approx
The Landie
The Trout Pool
Three Of A Kind
Woodland Way
Working Mum

The Cromarty Collection Jigsaw Puzzles 1000 Pieces
Country Kitchen
Curious Cats
Fairground Attraction
Fox Lane                               Completed Puzzle Size
Garden Visitors                        27 * 19 inches
Moggies & Doggies                      483 * 686 mm approx
Passing By
Thirsty Work
Wait Mr Postman

The Linden Collection Jigsaw Puzzles 1000 Pieces
Birds Of A Feather
Down in the Valley
Highland Glen
On The Road Again
On The Fiddle
Old Course St Andrews              Completed Puzzle Size
Scraps                             27 * 19 inches
Song Of The Sea                    483 * 686 mm approx   
The Farmyard

Christmas  Collectors Edition - No. 4  1000 Pieces
Christmas Dreams                     Completed Puzzle Size
Secret Santa                         27 * 19 inches 483 * 686 mm approx

The Afton Collection Jigsaw Puzzles 1000 Pieces
A Birds Eye View
Copy Cats
On Silent Wings
The Village Green
There And Then                     Completed Puzzle Size
Lazy Afternoon                     27 * 19 inches
Gardener's World                   483 * 686 mm approx
Harvest Time
The Old Fox Of Glencoe

The Loon Collection Jigsaw Puzzles 1000 Pieces
The Milkman                      Completed Puzzle Size
The Water Jump                   27 * 19 inches
483 * 686 mm approx

The House Of Puzzles Jigsaw Puzzles
The Shires Collection         1000 Pieces
A Leap In The Dark
Down Memory Lane               Completed Puzzle Size
Red Alert                      27 * 19 inches
Salute To The Few              483 * 686 mm approx

The Moray Collection Jigsaw Puzzles 1000 Pieces
Frosty Morn
Mother's Pride
Post Haste                  Completed Puzzle Size
Stronghold                  27 * 19 inches
Tranquility                 483 * 686 mm approx

The Brampton Collection     BIG 500 Pieces
Cool Cats
Country Living              Completed Puzzle Size
Ducks to Water              27 * 19 inches
Railway Children            483 * 686 mm approx
Snowy Afternoon
Strolling Along
Tales of the River
Topping Up

The Meadow Collection        BIG 250 Pieces
By The Riverbank
Country Town
Down On The Farm
Feed The Birds
Gentle Giants                Completed Puzzle Size
Nature Study                 27 * 19 inches
River Cottage                483 * 686 mm approx
Train Spotting

The Willow Collection       500 Pieces
March Past
Meadow Green
Meals On Wheels            Completed Puzzle Size
Mobile Home                27 * 19 inches
Off To Work                483 * 686 mm approx
Stable Mates
Village Pond
Winter Wood

The Manor Collection      500 Pieces
Beside The Sea
Busy Morning
Collectors Corner         Completed Puzzle Size
Farmer's Pride              27 * 19 inches
Highland Home             483 * 686 mm approx
Pecking Order

The Wyvis Collection      500 Pieces
Bluebell Wood
Childhood Home
How's the Craic
Knights Royal
The Railway Inn

The Byways Collection     500 Pieces
By The Quayside           Completed Puzzle Size
Cottage Garden            27 * 19 inches
To The Rescue             483 * 686 mm approx

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