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Welcome to Leeds Kirkgate Market

Market Office: 0113 214 5162
A wider range than any supermarket and hundreds of experts to help you!
Visit us and you'll be amazed at the vast range of produce and goods on offer. If you've been in the rut of going to the supermarket, year in year out, why not make a change? You'll be doing yourself a big favour!

There are hundreds of individual shops here and the traders who run them know their stuff and are happy to help you with expert advice gained from years - and sometimes decades - of experience.

Leeds Kirkgate Market Entrance

If you're shopping for food, you're in very good hands. For instance, many of the posh restaurants in Leeds source their fresh fish at Kirkgate Market. Also, the Leeds branch of Harvey Nicholls uses local suppliers for its fresh produce in their fourth floor restaurant - the same suppliers who provide fresh fruit and vegetables to traders at Leeds Kirkgate Market.

Visit Kirkgate Market and...
  • Make serious savings on your shopping bill
  • Buy great quality fresh food
  • Find everything you need in one place
  • Keep your money in the local economy
  • Help yourself to make healthy eating easy
  • Enjoy shopping again!

Where else can you do your weekly shop, buy anything from a cooker to a computer - with help from an expert, buy trendy or traditional new clothes - or get them altered, pick up some delicious Italian bread, a bunch of flowers, have a cup of tea & a natter and then get your hair done or even buy a wig?